Are you born to lead?
Probably not.

It’s okay, we’re here to help you become the leader your organization needs.

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Stop faking it by learning to lead “on-the-job” and start giving disciplined effort to becoming an effective leader. Our 12-month Leadership Path provides you with monthly lessons taught by seasoned leadership experts, a one-on-one coach, and a global cohort of other leaders on the same path as you: the path to success.

2. Show Up

During monthly cohort meetings you will learn a new leadership concept and gain the skill necessary to use it effectively. You’ll also show up for monthly one-on-one coaching with a REAL coach who helps you practice your own version of great leadership.

3. Succeed

From your first cohort meeting and coaching session, you'll get real tools and skills that you can put into practice immediately. By applying the core leadership lessons, you will start getting results now. And by the end of your 12-month leadership path, you'll be a true leader helping your organization succeed.


5% of people instinctively get how leadership works.
75% of people will never lead well no matter how much training they get.
20% of people have the potential to lead effectively once they learn how leadership works.

If you’re one of the 20%, we’re here for you.

Your organization needs you.

Every organization needs leaders who actually lead.  Yours is no different.  They don’t need you to fill a position or claim a title, they need you to lead.


You have the potential, we have the path.

Leaders who fake it are likely to break it.

Leading well is not subject to the “fake it until you make it” mantra.  If you have the luxury of 20 years to learn how to lead well, then take the path of on-the-job-training and get ready for a long and painful journey. But if you want to become an effective leader now, it’s time to stop faking leadership and start learning how to lead.

Sign up for our 12-month Leadership Path and start becoming a great leader.

Discover why it's okay if you weren't born to lead.

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